Whiflash - 打怪RPG....玩到手痛

Whiflash - 打怪RPG....玩到手痛

文章陶 朱 公 » 2009-03-09 23:02

ASDW OR arrow to move
Moving the Mouse to attack
1-4: Power up
Q/E/0 to use potion
Spacebar to inventory

My best is Lvl 2, floor 3 of 8

Iron Helmet, D+3
Shield of Trash, A+2, D+4, HP+5
Iron Breastplate of Violence , A+3, D+4
Mace, A+4
Mace of Defense, A+4, D+2
Mace of Defense of Health +$, A+4, D+2, HP+4

Total HP = 142
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